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MemoMate: Capturing seniors' stories, fostering connections, and excelling in person-centred care.

Uri Shemesh
Fantastic, I‘m totally blown away by MemoMate!
Miri Goldstein
I like MemoMate more and more each day! Not able to tell you how happy I am with it!
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Keep your employees engaged.
MemoMate's insights into each resident's life story empower to provide personalized, empathetic care. This improves their motivation and reduces turnover.
Monitor residents health.
By chatting with seniors, our AI carefully analyses their feelings and thoughts. As a result, we offer helpful personalized care recommendations to index.tsx, making care more personal and effective.
Know your customer.
MemoMate creates a lasting legacy for seniors by transforming their memories and experiences into cherished life stories. This is a priceless gift for family and friends.
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MemoMate sparks meaningful conversations with residents, promoting personalized care. Understanding their stories inspires caregivers and keeps residents happy, while preserving precious memories for future generations.

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