Everyone Has a Story

Each one of us carries a tapestry of experiences, memories, and lessons learned over a lifetime. At MemoMate, we recognize the deep-seated wish many hold to chronicle these stories. Sharing these tales can be a source of joy and a precious legacy for ourselves and our loved ones. Yet, the thought of where to begin, what to include, and how to organize it all can be overwhelming. MemoMate is crafted to guide you through this journey, transforming your cherished memories into beautiful memoirs.

Our story

MemoMate started with a personal experience of one of the founders. Two years ago, tragedy struck when his grandfather passed away. In the aftermath, his grandmother grappled with grief. The family noticed a spark in her eyes whenever she recounted tales from her past, reliving moments of pride, joy, sadness and accomplishment. When suggested she pen down her life story, the will was there, but she felt the task too challenging to undertake alone. Traditional methods, like hiring a biographer, were too costly. In search of a solution, the idea for MemoMate took shape. A platform dedicated to assisting individuals in documenting their life's moments, both big and small.

Key Milestones

April '23
Accepted into the Birdhouse Accelerator program, securing initial funding.
June '23
Recognized as a finalist in several hackathons and start-up competitions.
July '23
Successfully completed pilot projects in Israel, the Netherlands, and the US.
September '23
Launch of the initial version with a growing user base.
October '23
Partnership initiations with senior living facilities and homecare agencies.
Jan '24
Launch beta version

Our team

Behind every venture is a team that drives its vision with passion and precision. At MemoMate, our team is a unique blend of individuals who bring together expertise from diverse fields – ranging from behavioral economics, education, physics, to data science and AI. This ensures that MemoMate stands as not just an innovative platform, but also a user-centric one. Our goal? To make the experience of documenting life stories as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

  • Raphael Rubens

    Raphael Rubens


  • Uri Cohen

    Uri Cohen


  • Nir Halm

    Nir Halm


  • Noam Blitz

    Noam Blitz

    Lead Developer